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Orbital-induced molecule formation under frustration

In presence of the orbital degrees of freedom, geometric frustration can be relieved by orbital ordering. Still, long-range magnetic order and spin singlet formation compete with each other. When the lattice can easily couple to the spin degrees of freedom, the spin-dimerized state is favored. The three-dimensional network of dimerization looks like a ‘molecule’ formation of transition metals.
In spinel oxides, a variety of molecules have been found, e.g., octamer, heptamer, spiral, etc. NMR observed the heptamer in AlV2O4, coexisting with the incommensurate magnetic order [11]. In triangular lattice, the molecule can be both trimer and tetramer, as proposed theoretically. The orbital ordering texture was observed by the electric field gradient around the V nucleus in BaV10O15 [12]. We found the microscopic evidence for the spin-singlet V trimer with the direct d-d covalent bonds and the magnetic tetramer.

Anisotropic slow dynamics in low-dimensional frustrated system

Ising triangular lattice antiferromagnets provide a textbook example of geometric frustration. This is realized in Ca3Co2O6 having the ferromagnetic spin S = 2 chain coupled antiferromagnetically on triangular lattice. A phase transition at 25 K and a field-induced stepwise transition have not been understood. We have microscopically observed a ferromagnetic-ferromagnetic transition by 59Co NMR on a single crystal. The development of spin correlation is highly anisotropic and has the critical exponents consistent with the Ising model [13].


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