March/2000 Bachelor, Faculty of Science (Physics), Kyoto University
March/2002 Master, Graduate School of Science (Chemistry), Kyoto University
March/2005 Ph.D (Science), Kyoto University
Oct. 2003-March/2005 Reseach student in Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo


April/2005-March/2007 Special Postdoctoral Researcher, Condensed Molecular Materials Laboratory, RIKEN
April/2007-March/2011 Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University
April/2011-Present Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Nagoya University
2012.Oct. - 2013.May Visiting scholar, Department of Physics, Unviersity of California, Berkeley
2013.Jan. - 2013.March Visiting scholar, Department of Physics, Princeton University


2012. March Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan
2008 March Prise for Achievement Reports on Special Postdoctoral Researcher, RIKEN